DrComfort Dehumidification

How It Works

Dry Comfort Closeup Flow
  1. The DryComfort unit draws warm, humid room air into the heat exchanger, transferring sensible heat to the heat exchanger. Cooled, moist air moves to the dehumidification coil.

  2. Air passes through the dehumidification (direct expansion) coil where it is further cooled and dehumidified.

  3. Air passes through the heat exchanger where it is warmed by the previously captured sensible heat.

  4. Air passes through the condenser coil for additional sensible heating.

  5. Warm, dehumidified air enters the space.

drycomfort unit principle of operation  

End Condensation and Comfort Issues In Supermarkets

  • Improved Comfort in Cold Aisles
  • Maintains Required Dewpoints
  • Suitable for New Construction and Retrofit
  • Easy Installation
  • Mounts in the Space, or on the Roof
  • Light in Weight, No Steel Work Necessary
At last, a simple and innovative answer to high humidity in supermarket environments

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